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Special Photos [┣New York]

Recently, Mr.Brian Smith who is a professional photographer known for his celebrity portraits sent some photos to me.

Me with the photo shoot model.



Also, Mr.Smith, our photo shoot model and me.


Thank you so much for coming to the α7RII launch event!

I really appreciated it.


I look forward to meeting you again in the future.

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Kazukoba visits in NYC [┣New York]

I went to NYC for the first time in ten years.

It was for a press event being held for the New α on 10 June.

The venue was the top floor of a hotel in North Manhattan near Central Park.


Its name is…“Sony α7R II”.


Here is the official Press release.

Many journalists from TV, magazines or relevant websites took part in this event.

For the demo session, they could touch and use the α7R II and have a look at beautifully printed pictures while also watching other breathtaking images on a Sony 4K TV.

Then Mr. Brian Smith, who is professional photographer and artisan, conducted a photo shoot on the balcony with a local model.

Some of these images were able to be seen on the TVs in the room.


Moreover, participants could view his extremely wonderful works taken beforehand with the α7R II on a really big (84 inches!) Sony BRAVIA TV.

Mr. Brian is a celebrity portrait photographer and author. It was my first time meeting him. 
He has been awarded many prizes including the “Pulitzer Prize”.  
He has a great technical knowledge of cameras and above all he is a person of integrity.


After the press event, he uploaded α7R II great review onto his blog.
Please take a look his web site.

Actually, I made my first appearance on this site.

That was amazing!!

I wonder how much the portrait he took of me is worth?  :-)


I appreciated that this was a special encounter for me.

I like not only his photographs but also his personality.
I got really exciting about my photography.

I decided to improve my photo shooting.

Finally, I’ve uploaded a couple of photos taken during my very short free time.

(Please note:  all photos are vertical at this time)

At the Hotel


LOVE Sculpture


Flat Iron Building


Central Park South

Yellow taxicab




┣New York ブログトップ