End-of-season Ski in 2016-17 [SKI]


Spring has come again.

Don’t you think Ski season is too short in Japan?

It feels like it is over as soon as it begins.

I feel sad when May arrives.

A long time ago I was an alpine skier in my high-school ski club. 

I used to spend more than 60 days a season skiing.

Unfortunately, now I can only go skiing one week out of the year.

I still train intensely and collect information about new ski styles on the web or in magazines. 

I’m forever full of enthusiasm for skiing.

And I also like a dreams coming true.

This past season I had the privilege and pleasure to work with Kelly VenderBeek, a skier who I admire a great deal.

Kelly qualified for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy as part of the Canadian National Ski team. At the Olympics she finished 4th in the Super-G event, unfortunately missing the podium by 0.03 of a second.

However, she won a lot of World Cup medals in Downhill and Super-G and caught the world’s attention. She was then, and is now, a great skier.

She is now a well-known broadcaster as well as a renowned photographer.

I was really looking forward to the day to ski with her out on the piste.

Finally, that time came!


It's reasonable to expect difficulties with some twists and turns while shooting.

I felt like there were many setbacks.

But Kelly and the staff were very generous and understanding so, in the end, all shots were well done.


I struggled to keep pace with her and it was the happiest moment in my skiing life.
I learned a lot about making great turns and form.

Moreover, Kelly surprised me with a gift that exceeds anything I have won or prizes I have been given in the past.


She gave me a FIS world cup number bib, the first seed!, with her signature and a message for me.


I was moved to the point of tears.

Thank you so much, Kelly.

This is something I will always treasure.

Kelly, see you next year at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang!

I’m looking forward to seeing you back out on the snow.  


I appreciate your support very much and wearing the Canada ski team jacket while working was as if we were teammates.


This is some of my best work.

Please take a look at it.


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